Learning Arcade - Sales Training

Nokia's 3GDJ game brings sales rep training to life with the relevance and immersive power of today's hottest videogame format.

Most retail sales reps are inundated with training binders and product materials. Nokia uses videogames to cut through the clutter and deliver sales training in a platform reps love.

Reps play 3GDJ on the job on in-store computers and can get in on the action at home where they can play over and over again. The game is also distributed in a mobile phone version so reps can play anytime anywhere.

3GDJ features 5 hot genre-crossing music tracks to keep the excitement level high and familiarize reps with Nokia's newest line of music-enabled handsets. Sales training is presented in the form of product knowledge bonus questions. Correct responses give a big boost to overall scores. The National leaderboard puts the reps name in lights and top winners receive grand prize trips around the country to attend Nokia-themed events.

The programs is a success, 1400 reps participated nationwide with the average player spending over one hour with the training materials.

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