Pepsi Strike Force
Learning Arcade - Sales Training

Pepsi needed to educate and excite its Bottlers about new packaging strategies at its annual Bottlers Convention. The convention theme, in the spirit of 'Top Gun', was Pepsi Strike Force. With tons of dry information to convey, Pepsi needed a solution that grabbed and held bottlers' attention.

Strike Force Commander is a fully animated, space-themed videogame product presentation, which compels bottlers to look at the product line in a whole new way, and have fun doing it! Delivered on multimedia kiosks with joysticks at Pepsi's annual Bottlers' Convention, the program combines intergalactic gameplay and strategic packaging information in a competitive format that fosters recall. Bottlers took on the role of a Pepsi fighter, assuming the rocket ship's controls to cruise the universe and battle the competition, and learn in a fun way.

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