Yes, It’s a Sport

The Audience Is Millennial

eSports fans are between 21-35 years old, that there’s a 66% chance that they have a college degree and a 51% chance that they earn more than $75k a year. When you think about how long gamers will stick with their favorite game, it’s not surprising that they are 8% more likely to be brand loyal than some other sports fan audiences. The bottom line is that this is a mainstream, millennial-packed audience you can’t afford to ignore. 

10% Annual Viewer Growth

eSports fans are redefining the way sports events are being watched. Over 1.8 billion gamers are signing up to watch streams of eSporting events for 2 hours at a clip (26mm watched the NBA finals). Viewership is growing 10% anually. Prize pools for events are skyrocketing from a low in $3.6mm in 2005 for over $60mm in 2015 – up 70% from the year before. It’s important to understand the sports media consumption habits of these fans and approach them strategically. Where does your brand fit in? That’s the question we’ll help you answer. 

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The Bandwagon Is Rolling

eSports used to be the domain of endemic corporate sponsors – hardware manufacturers, software and game companies and Internet providers. As eSports explodes, mainstream marketers are recognizing the value of the fan base. But, it’s not enough to be just another logo on a team t-shirt or website if you really want to connect with fans. You need a strategy that considers the whole eSports ecosystem and reaches players where they live. We can help you reach this audience with games they can’t resist on platforms you don’t have to manage.