Skills Training Games

Who says training can't be fun? All generations love to compete. With game-based training we have permission to add competition into the learning methodology. Employees learn more as they play over and over, competing for high scores against co-workers, regional and global offices and earning rewards. When employees compete, participation and excitement go up and performance is improved.


Occupational Simulations

You can't afford to have your people freeze up when faced with business reality. Simulations allow your people to experience the consequences of their choices and actions in a realistic but risk free business environment.

You may think your business is complicated or dry - but we specialize in translating your values, skill sets, ethics and day-to-day processes into an immersive and effective educational experience for highly-effective talent communications.


Talent Acquisition Simulations

Today's candidates want to know "what's in it for me?" and bad-hires are expensive. Recruiting materials are the first communication they receive from you. Are you creating the right impression?

Transport candidates into a self-led, dynamic, realistic job-preview experience that tells the employer-brand story and communicates values, mission and goals. Games cast a wide net and give recruiters detailed feedback. Connect with candidates and speak their language from the very first word.


Orientation Simulations

Successful on-boarding can raise retention up to 25 percent, improve performance and decrease time- to-productivity. You can impress new-hires and bring your values, mission and strategy to life from Day One in a simulation that immerses them in your culture, first-hand.

Let them discover where the “brand bus” is going so they can embrace the destination and articulate it for customers – on the first day at work.


Professional Development Simulations

Your employees want to grow with your organization and it's up to you to provide the tools to help them. Fill knowledge gaps and teach new skills with realistic business scenarios where learners can roll up their sleeves and get risk-free practice at exercising core leadership competencies.


We'll help you develop engaging Professional Development simulation content that will send your leaders into the field with confidence.

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Corporate Culture Simulations

When employees don't have cultural context, expensive mistakes are made and your corporate reputation suffers. Once employees see their role in context and the business implications of potential mistakes, they can embrace, and commit to, standards and guidelines.

Simulations bring corporate culture to life, using "real" people and scenarios, for an authentic and relevant experience. M&A and Transformation projects especially benefit from immersive enterprise-wide shared cultural game experiences that communicate the "Big Picture".